If silence could be captured.
Kept in a glass jar,
Opened every time the soul
Needed to hear it’s voice.

If silence could be held in words
Then this distance between you and me
Would perish in no time
If silence could be kissed all the time.

But it eludes like a lover
Loses itself only to lure again
Silence intoxicates and leaves my pen shuddering
As I seek to hold it in a cage.

The Song Book

Songs are poems. Songs are nothing but pictures that are set to music.
Here is my pictorial take on some songs. A graphic piece I intend to keep adding to every week. Unless my laziness overtakes me. If you would like some songs to be set to pictures leave a comment. And yeah if it pulls a string somewhere and creates a picture in my head I will draw it. In the meanwhile I hope you enjoy the Song Book. Please follow this link or cut and paste it in the search bar.